It's about time you showed up at the party


The American Death Party is a politcal party that is not seeking your vote in the modern sense. We are seeking your vote in a much older sense. The word 'vote' is from the same roots as the word 'vow.' It also conveys "a promise to a god, solemn pledge, dedication; that which is promised; a wish, desire, longing, prayer," We are seeking a solemn pledge to hold space for dying well.

Our promise to you is that we will not elect a hero or leader to save you or the empire.


start a fire

This doesn't link to anything. It's a reminder to you to go outside and make a fire. Stand around with some folks and tell stories.  Maybe some tea...I like dragon well. Maybe some'll figure it out. Give it a shot.



The ramblings of an excommunicated hospice nurse and artist living in Southern Indiana.